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ISRAD has well-seasoned development professionals with 5 – 30 years span of experience at local, national, regional and international levels. All our Associates are either PhD, Master’s Degrees and/or Post Graduate Diploma holders in various disciplines ranging from Development Studies to Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension, Climate Change, Statistics, MIS, Environment, Social Protection, HRBA, Strategy Development, Policy Analysis, Advocacy, M&E and Reporting, Gender & Development, Training (Teaching & Learning).

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We are dedicated to delivering high quality research on interdisciplinary social issues including women’s rights and empowerment, capacity development, hygiene promotion and sanitation. The Institute carried out consultancy services (baseline Surveys, Impact evaluation, mid-term and final evaluation of projects) for development organisations and Government Ministries, NGOs as well as other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and support them in strategy development processes. It further provides consulting services in project evaluations and social research; capacity development on project management, policy analysis, advocacy and influencing, M&E, social research and evaluation methods

Social Research and Development

Social Research & Socio-cultural Development – Executing social research, publishing and disseminating research findings to inform policy decisions and social development interventions.

Capacity development and training

Provide a variety of capacity development and training with communities and their CBOs including women groups and develop their skills and ability. These trainings include community development approaches using Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA), Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation, local institutional development and

Sanitation, Hygiene Promotion and Education (WASH)

Promote communities’ right to health and clean environment and to influence a generational change in health promotion, behavior and attitudes;

Consultancy Services

Evaluations of development programs in the sub-region and demographic studies to determine country social indicators for policy development. The Institute provides development and management consultancies in program evaluations and policy reviews in stable and emergency environments; baseline surveys, scoping studies, agricultural surveys, environmental impact assessment, water and sanitation surveys, situational analysis, and organizational assessments within the sub-region

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