Institute of Social Research and Development Limited (ISRAD)

ISRAD is an autonomous non-governmental institution of social research for higher learning and socio-economic development.

How We Can Help You?

We advance and pursue holistic policies and programs that are capable of addressing the social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainable development in societies. This new thinking on sustainable development is the core principle guiding our operations

Social Research and Development

Undertaking research activities of interconnected socio-economic dimensions using research methodologies involving survey, quantitative, qualitative or mixed research methods; b) conduct multidisciplinary systematic studies of human interaction with the environment for natural resource management, policy development and programme design; c) publishing and disseminating research findings for social development; and d) publishing intellectual materials on strengthening public–private sector partnership in agriculture value chain development.

Strategy Planning and Policy Development:

As the first step in the strategic planning and policy development processes, ISRAD conducts detailed and comprehensive contextual analysis (scoping) to identify gaps, linkages and combined effects of strategic and policy constraints. This will be supported by clear visioning to identify key strategic and policy options/objectives; testing the feasibility of options and identify the trade-offs to make strategic choices and policy statements. Based on all of the analyses and inputs provided by stakeholders, we define strategic objectives and policy provisions.

Capacity development and training

Our Human Resource Capacity Building means much more than simply providing training. It means equipping individuals with the understanding, skills and access to knowledge that enables them to perform effectively, while looking into management structures, processes and procedures that will enhance their productivity. ISRAD recognizes that the need for capacity building is always changing and that any programme addressing it must be suited to the local context and organisation. It provide a variety of capacity development and training involving service providers, communities and their CBOs e.g. women groups, youth groups and young entrepreneurs to develop their business skills and ability. These trainings are tailored to actively explore hands-on practical knowledge and skills related to the various modules. Some courses are centred on specific modules covering entrepreneurship skills development, market analysis and information management, good agricultural practices; Farm-input Trading Enterprise; vegetable processing & storage centre, and preparation of business idea/concept, business model canvas, and business planning.

Project Cycle Management Services

ISRAD provides development and management consultancies in programme evaluations and policy reviews in stable and emergency environments; baseline surveys, scoping studies, agricultural surveys, environmental impact assessment, situational analysis, and organizational assessments within The Gambia and beyond. With the pool of our Experts and Associates, ISRAD uses available skills, experiences and knowledge of processes and methods to execute consultancy services

Who We've Worked With

Completed Projects

NACOFAG Institutional Assessment and Development of Five-year Strategy Plan (2019-2023)

Meet The Team

Falie CK Baldeh

Director, Senior evaluator/researcher and quality assurance)


M.Sc. in resource assessment for development Planning,  Value Chain Specialist and development expert. 25 years’ experience in senior executive positions in both devt and humanitarian functions with international experience. A Senior evaluator with extensive experience and skills in participatory social research, programme evaluation, organisational development and institutional assessment, strategy planning & policy development.

Social research & regional analysis

Areas of expertise and interest

Value chain analysis of agro-commodities

Country programme design and evaluation

Strategy Planning and change management

Policy analysis & development

Dr. Morolake Omowumi Adekunle

(Research Specialist and Snr Gender evaluator)


PhD in Development Communication. Gender Expert and a Research Specialist (with experience in Participatory Learning and Action – PLA). A Senior Lecturer in the School of Journalism and Digital Media, University of The Gambia; and President of Association of African women for Research and Development, Gambia Chapter 

Area of Expertise and interest 

Development communication and marketing

Gender programme design and evaluation

Training and capacity development

Social research & regional analysis

Modou Baldeh

Executive Director

Dr Lamin KM Fatty

(Research Associate and ISRAD management support)

PhD in Rural Sociology &Agricultural Extension, M.Sc in Agribusiness Management and B.Sc in General Agric.  Senior University Lecturer on Agribusiness & Extension. Highly experienced in curriculum development, and production of teaching and learning material

Dr. Mamma Sawaneh

(Research Associate and Data Analysist)

PhD in Climate Change Economics; M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics and B.Sc in General Agriculture. A University Lecturer with extensive experience in agricultural market analysis and linkages, value chain analysis and cooperatives development